Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July meeting

Our July 15th meeting was filled with friendship, lace, and food, as always.  Our members take turns bring desserts (and sometimes additional goodies) to share during our lace days.  Thank you to Cranberry Lacer Veronica for a wonderful spread this month!  Some of our members didn't make it, as they were anxiously packing up in preparation for the annual IOLI Convention, which began the very next day.  Looking forward to hearing the stories of those who attended!

Almost finished piece of lace.....

Delicious spread today!

We meet every third Saturday of the month for a day of lacing and conversation. We are a group of friendly lacemakers with a range of experience - we are lucky enough to have a professional instructor to teach the beginners and work with the experienced.  Anyone is welcome to join us!  The room we meet in at the library is large with lots of light.  Feel free to email us at cranberrylacers@gmail.com for more information.

Cranberry Lacers has been a chartered chapter group of IOLI for 25 years. 

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