Monday, October 22, 2018

October meeting

The unofficial theme of the October meeting of the Cranberry Lacers could certainly be "Scarves and New Starts!"  It seems like most of us were working on one or the other!  At the last meeting, the idea of some Milanese projects/lessons had been proposed and so some members were taking advantage of our teacher Pat's wealth of knowledge and wealth of books and patterns of that type of lace to begin work on something new.  As it turned out, two others were engaged in scarf projects - perhaps influenced by the turn of the weather, the fact that fall had finally arrived?

There was also much conversation about the recently opened exhibit "Lace Not Lace" at the Hunterdon Art Museum.  Some members had attended opening day, others have been there since, and others have future visits planned.  We are so lucky to be here in NJ and close to this first-ever-in-the-US exhibit of lace of this kind.  We also welcomed a visitor who gave a try to bobbin lace and has decided to join us!  So excited to bring a new friend into this wonderful hobby/craft/art of ours!

We meet every third Saturday of the month for a day of lacing and conversation. We are a group of friendly lacemakers with a range of experience - we are lucky enough to have a professional instructor to teach the beginners and work with the experienced.  Anyone is welcome to join us!  The room we meet in at the library is large with lots of light.  Feel free to email us at for more information.Cranberry Lacers has been a chartered chapter group of IOLI for 25 years. 

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